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Thank you for being a partner in prevention!


As the opioid crisis persists in the Northwest Corner, the importance of learning about the life-saving potential of naloxone is crucial.


A naloxone training can:

  • help to understand the opioid epidemic,

  • educate about how to respond to an overdose,

  • and to learn how naloxone works to reverse an opiate overdose.


If you or your organization are located in Northwest Connecticut and are interested in naloxone training, please fill out the contact form here - a representative who can facilitate the training will reach out to you shortly.


Northwest Corner Prevention Network is proud to partner with the Litchfield County Opiate Task Force, a collaborative effort that focuses on:

  • improving access to care,

  • enhancing collaboration and data sharing between and amongst service providers,

  • addressing addiction in the community,

  • and sharing information and resources about addiction, prevention, harm reduction, and treatment.

Do you know NORA?

NORA is the Naloxone and Overdose Response App. Launched by the the Connecticut Department of Public Health, NORA was created to:

  • prevent the occurrence of opioid overdoses

  • inform the public about the Good Samaritan Law and their protections when responding to an overdose

  • provide a mobile app to walk individuals through how to respond to an overdose


Visit to learn more information about the app, to learn how to download it, and for more information on the initiative from DPH.

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